I’m renovating my hideous lair!

It has been a while (again) since I posted something on this website. My life has been caught up in work and stress, that I almost gave up lots of my habits. I did not have the time to write poetry. I did not have the time to shred some riffs on my guitars. So on… You can get the picture here.

No excuse. I have been working a lot, and I have been untying a lot of harsh knots in love, in relationships, in my own self. Still going on.

Not until these days I realize that I have left my own self alone for so long. I know what I need but I was in motion. My force is not enough to break out of orbit.

Anyways, I was in somehow. Now I will steer myself more stably.

First, I changed the layout

Yes, I have changed the themes. I do not have a picture of the old theme right now but I guess… that’s okay. Let’s just look forward since now!

Here. There. A few pictures of the new theme. I’m still learning to use and to customize it. But I guess this is a new start of something. And by the way, the theme is Veni, made by ThemesKingdom. Kudos to them!

Second, I will be coming back with new stuff

For the past years, I have only posted my poetry only. I used to be hesitant and slow when it comes to sharing my technical knowledge. No longer.

I will divide my posts into different categories now: Blog, Tech, and Poetry. As the names suggest, I will categorize and label my posts accordingly.

I guess that’s it for this small announcement. See you all in my next posts.