Distance keeps it wronged.

There is a feeling I cannot obtain to see the world. There is a question opening my confusion. I was not invited to this world, can I leave this without any trouble?

This poem is nothing but a sear observation of rain and a blink of an eye.

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A Chance In Our Game

Before you read, let’s turn on some music, shall we?
“Dedicated To You My Love” By Bill Withers

A Chance In Our Game

Possibly, this could be the best day ever
Let’s head out to the sea, and be worry-free.
Take a smile, you and I, we’ll ride the wind.
And sing a song, let our heart be strong.

Enjoy this time, lend me your hand.
We may not have this chance again.
Just play, and enjoy the game.
Let’s taste the fun, not just the name.

I have a dream, to relive my younger days,
spread the wings, touch those sun rays,
dance on the hay bales, and stray in the jungle.
And a princess comes from a fable
to save me from my ravels.

Enjoy this time, my love.
Let’s toast, let’s dance together.
Just play, and enjoy the game.
We were so naive, we can be ‘the same
Even I have to die this night
Don’t cry, let’s challenge this evil.

Sometimes being estranged,
and life wasn’t as intended,
but we only have a chance
’cause life too short to complain
But we only have a chance
So enjoy the game.

’cause we only have one chance,
and life is too short to start worrying.

Le Lam.


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