There’s A Cone

There Is A Cone Who Lost Himself

He lost his friends. He is far away from home.
No one picks him up. No one answers the phone.
He is lying down there. “Life is unfair”, crying he is.

He is reaching out. His throat screams sounds.
No one found him. He found himself
stuck in middle of nowhere. “Hell or Heaven?”, question he shares.

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Ngày làm gì

Làm gì khi mùa xuân đương tới
Và nắng hồng ươm hoa?
Làm gì khi gió lùa kẽ tóc
Và đưa hương nàng kề ta?

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March 27, 2020

Wish you all the best luck and lots of health in this time of misery.
Please stay at home. Pause your outdoor entertainment activities.
Please acknowledge that Coronavirus is the real threat.
But also, please stay calm.
We will win this fight.

Before night begins

Birdie flies on the orange sky
Catches the light before night begins.
I stand still with hot coffee and strive
for a good ounce of peace tonight.

It has been a long long week.
I has scored a streak of failures.
But I endure to gain some more
Just after two cups of these end.

With every time I lend myself loss
I cross the street of knowledge and wisdom.
With every time my back reaches bottom,
I turn back as roses when they blossom.

© November, 2019, Lam Le. All Rights Reserved.

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