Who is behind these ‘clumsy’ words?

My full name is Le Tran Nguyen Lam (or you can call me “Raizes”, which means tree roots). I am a punk-head who writes codes, musics, and some poems. Sometimes, I spend hours driving on my beloved motorcycle.

On this page, I put my poems, musics, and my professional portfolio as well.
Feel free to look around! Feel free to share if you like it. Feel free to share your thoughts, and your stories. My aim is plain and simple. To share my experiences and to help as much as I can.

Contact me if you need anything, even just for a short conversation as you’re tired or depressed. Gmail: nguyenlam1997@gmail.com

Or you want to buy me a coffee? πŸ˜› Send it toΒ My PayPal. Thank you.

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