There’s A Cone

There Is A Cone Who Lost Himself

He lost his friends. He is far away from home.
No one picks him up. No one answers the phone.
He is lying down there. “Life is unfair”, crying he is.

He is reaching out. His throat screams sounds.
No one found him. He found himself
stuck in middle of nowhere. “Hell or Heaven?”, question he shares.

But towards one direction, turned last strength into actions,
broke all the factions, that was no fiction!

Towards that direction, a wounded fraction,
a hopeless traction, he pulls himself
Towards light. Towards hopes.
The rope is invisible,
yet he yells and reaches out.

Once again he reached out. His throat clinks sounds.
Once again he found himself
among his hopes again.

Thursday, July 13rd, 2017.
Lam Le.

The Falling Cone (Credit & Location: Google Maps)

I could not find myself a better decision at that moment. The moment I tried to fly away. After my fail attempt at committing suicide, just about one week later, Chester Bennington also took his own life by hanging himself with a rope. That was a haunting picture for anyone who witnessed. We all struggled. Rest in peace, Chester.

If you notice, there is an image with a rope in the poem. You know…

The darkness still lingers around me but I will keep on fighting until my very last days. The outcomes I don’t know. Winner or loser I don’t care. Let’s keep on fighting, my friends. Let’s venture out into this crazy world again.