Truth-telling Is Important

I see a lot of parents who keep yelling insults and spanking their kids and I’m kind of sad about it. They are raising one of the biggest liars on this Earth.

Back in my childhood, my parents did spank me occasionally but they were just warnings. Also, they did not insult me. Instead, they showed me the way.

Analyze. Don’t Just Criticize.

Do you notice this? The society only criticizes our works, our faults. They don’t always point out what we did wrong and what we can do to improve ourselves. If you have time to criticize someone you love, take some more to be with them analyzing the problems.

It was a lovely day of my first grade. Everything was fine except for one thing, the test result. It was a chubby zero! I didn’t hide it. Instead, I told my parents right away as a kid’s boast about his/her discoveries. Zero was somewhat a new thing from my eyes as I usually get maximum scores or at least 7, or 8 (We used 10-point grading scale.) A young mind’s curiosity and its pride couldn’t help me from loving it. My parents were not even mad at me. We sat down together and explained the grading scale for me. Later, they also discovered my misunderstandings of the meanings of some mathematical operators and provided me with correct ones.

Yes, that was it! Problem solved. Not only this time, but my parents saved it in the long run.

Confront Problems Bravely

Some may find it unrealistic to tell the truth all the time and suggest that people should teach their children ways to conduct a convincing lie. This is actually right, and I cannot deny it. However, don’t teach our kids the way of cunning adults. Teach them once, they use it ten more times.

Instead, let us teach them the way to encounter problems bravely and fearlessly. By doing so, our children get used to problem-solving and have a bold mindset of tackling down obstacles.  This is why I mentioned earlier that my parent did help me in a long run.

Turn Time into Fruit

My story is one-sided, which means I told it from my memory only. Can you feel the joyfulness I felt when I was a kid? I hope you can, too. Suffice it to say, every small encouragement, every extra hour from my parents do help me a lot in later days of my life.

It’s hard at the start,
and it hurts to change.
As it ran in our veins,
As it blended with our backs.

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