Soils and My Beans

At the age of sixteen,
you either be poor, boy,
blindfolded and pristine,
and join the voyage on my soils.

Or grow forth, grow strongly.
Until death heaves into sight,
only that time did you cease,
take one last breath as a knight.


With every strike executed,
every congrats flooded in,
and every man you killed,
I raised him with my beans.

But worry not, my Benny
You are the son I raised.
You are the fave of m’Lord
who’s with you kills ‘ther man’sons.

You’ll see when shields smash
and all the swords clash.
Bloodshed is the daily fest.
On your vest, it’s fear of the dead.

But I treat you all as equals
Y’all started on my hands.
Arose from small pebbles,
Y’all ended here on my lands.

Lam Le

A group of peasants
A group of peasants sharing a simple meal of bread and drink, 14th century.

One always have many options to choose. However, it is not his or her choice to not be judged by the morality of the contemporary society. It does not matter whether one lives in 1300 or in 2020. That person is always assessed. With the superficiality removed, the same essence which has been surviving throughout the history of mankind truly reveals. That is the imposition characteristic of humanity. In other words, it is the ideas behind these two sentences: “You can. You cannot.”