They Don’t Care About My Problem, Only My Presence

There have been many times I woke up with stress and depression. But I woke up. There have been many times I wished I could have gone for goods. Then I was overwhelmed with morality lessons. Almost nobody cares about my problem, yet they care about my presence and bound that presence to the Earth just for that sole reason.

People are not to blame. I guess w’all have a full plate of modern anxiety. However, are we open and friendly enough? Throughout our history, we have survived and evolved as a community, if not to say, a big society. Every relation plays its role. Every relation strengthens us. But as the wall grows higher and the room thickens, individuals become more and more separated. Are we caring less of our neighbors or is it just the way we are? No, I don’t want us to drive that way.

Raizes – “Mid-waves”

Taken things from various different perspectives, I can see my problems becoming clearer. I guess it is not too bad for me to solve them on my own. There are two quotes:

This too shall pass.


Don’t be worried about things your hands can’t control. Be worried about things yours can controll instead.

While the first one insists on an optimistic future for the pessimist and vice versa, warns the realist of an inevitable income, the second quote guides us towards the right direction of handling issues. I strongly agree with both.

Raizes – “The Stranger Passes On”

A stranger can pass on us. But we choose to pass on something or not. Although the following point is arguable, during our worst times, we should care about ourselves first.


P/S: Hey, are you the one with sorrowful eyes? Please tell me, what’s bothering you?