A Time of Reminiscence

Do you have the time to look back
and see what we’ve been through?
I don’t think we can move on
without the loses.

There is a friend I keep seeing
but now can’t remember his name.
If you feel the same, I feel you.
But am afraid to lose.

the feeling.
I’ve been worrying
about my feelings.

Can you please stand still and recollect
the pieces of mine I’ve been losing?
They’re flying on the floors
as to score a tie.
Sometimes it’s as dark as nights
but sometimes as clear as days.
If you don’t see me around
I’m just wrapping a day.

Coverin’ up my concerns.
I’ve been outrun.

Because I have no clue what to do.
‘Cause one day I won’t tell between
friends and foes
like I do.

© 2018 Lam Le, All Rights Reserved.