Blue Sky and Worn Out Satellite

Blue has its reason to appear on the color of our skies. Darkness has its reason to take over the domination. Assets are put aside when they are no longer useful. Some people depart on their last meaningful expenditure. Left, knowing they are out of use. Died, holding on to their true selves.

Blue Sky and Worn Out Satellite

I found a girl,
swimming in a blue dress.
Under arrest
Of her beautifulness.

Nothing will last
even it’s built with gold,
but all swallowed
in pure empty sadness.

Blue sky grew old,
passing by his reeve.
Plunged into sea,
Never be seen again.

Nothing’s captured.
Neither brightest color.
Nor gorgeous girl.
Nothing will ever last.

You’re the reason,
Everything to be here,
Then to be drunk,
Then to drag me down home.

Roses turn wine.
Lipstick turns me a fool
into a pool
breaking from the orbit.

Nothing will last
as saddest satellite
will soon return
to home. Something called home.

© 2018 Lam Le, All Rights Reserved.
Image: Suitsat-1 orbiting the Earth.