Distance keeps it wronged.

There is a feeling I cannot obtain to see the world. There is a question opening my confusion. I was not invited to this world, can I leave this without any trouble?

This poem is nothing but a sear observation of rain and a blink of an eye.

Distance keeps it wronged.

I know rain stopped.
Suddenly it was,
Like suddenly it started.

I know eye blinks.
You see nothing.
Then again when opens.

I don’t know feelings.
Extract best essences.
No clue does it ring.

My heart races fast.
Face hidden behind hat.
Still, my arms shaking.

I know my bare eyes.
It opens to one
I hope to never lose.

But my heart I don’t.
Distance keeps it wronged.
Can’t save a long song.

© 2018 Lam Le, All Rights Reserved.

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