A Friend to a Friend

Align without a line
is just an eye without an eyesight.
When you write a letter,
it comes clean without the letters.
You may feel shy,
But you never leave your home to feel.
I wonder why.

But I’m not here to judge,
problem is no part of this court.
I peel oranges on my wrist
just to let you know you’re at your risk
of losing yourself
I will prevent you from falling to hell.

Adjust without a hurt
is wearing no shirt in a kirk.
It’s a comical flirt
but deeply cut inside and you’re freezing.
Your blood won’t be flowing.
You say your prayers billions of times.
God gives no damn.

They say he’s always there
but now I say he’s where at your hardest time
just like your pair of parents
who have already been high up in heavens
in your night at 7-eleven.

There is no sound,
when we yell at the fan, unpowered.
But I shall let you know,
you are the thing which is special.
Forget that sound.

You got me.

© 2018 Lam Le, All Rights Reserved.

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