August 2018 Song Collective

Have you ever felt in love with a song because of its outstanding lyrics? I bet you do. Some words not only emote the feelings but also revoke the observations from such feelings.

If you are a bit too excited to try out the playlist, here it is: August 2018 Song Collective. Below are some lines of review for each song and why I love them so much.

“Damaged Goods” by Days N Daze

Isn’t time one of our worst enemies? The reminiscence of younger days within the song is short and simple, but it’s also painful.

I can say I am a punk guy myself. I love the harsh and raw sounds a human can produce. But screams do not always have to go with distortion guitar riffs and blasting drum beats. Days N Daze showed me what a crust punk soul can sound with a more soothing background.


“Twin Size Mattress” by The Front Bottoms

Might be, or might not be the same meaning as I interpreted, but this song inspired me to write the poem A Friend to a Friend. The song links me back to the old friends whose faces I cannot see now. If I could have done better to keep everything better, would we be better?

They come and they go. And I started feeling faint-hearted to let open my heart again. I can still help an acquaintance for his or her happiness. But when a friendship grows, the shadow of its soon-to-be-ending occupies my mind.


“How Do I Tell A Girl I Want To Kiss Her?” by Modern Baseball

I discovered this song a while back. A year ago, I think. And to my surprise, I can see myself there in the lines of words, partially.

She’s on his mind day and night,
thinks he takes her for granted but to her surprise,
he needs her more than she needs him.
Won’t fight, no just walks away.
Won’t tell his secrets just keeps them safe.
That’s why she’s, she’s not just another face.


“Tracking Time” by Citizen

Simply short and straight to the author’s emotions, the lyrics express a pain that has been compressed for so long. He does not need many words. His exact screams tell everything.

“I’ve heard you said one time
that I never even f***ing cross your mind.
And I guess I’ll act like that’s fine.
But you should know that you cross mine all the time”


There are more songs in my August collective, check them out here. I hope you found something lovely for your playlist. Please stay connected as there will be more songs to discover. What songs did you listen the most in this August? Please share with me!

Featured image credit: Don Lewis @The New Fury.